Heart problems are increasing day by day in the whole world. In the 21st century, the rate of deaths is mostly due to heart issues. But with a little care, this problem can be overcome. Fatty food should be avoided and that food menu should be planned which contains all the ingredients needed for a body.

  • Good foods for heart

Every food which contains less cholesterol level is good for a heart. In fruits, apples, citrus fruits like strawberries, grapefruit, etc. Also use dry fruits as they make the heart strong. In vegetables, carrot, onion, red beans, etc. In white meat fish should be preffered because it contains omega 3 fatty acids.
Walnuts and soya are also included in this group.


  • Fibers are useful to heart

Fresh fruits, vegetables and other kinds of food contains a huge amount of fibres. Every day, try to take 3 fruits, 3 garlic, and barley, it decreases cholesterol level from a body. Those who have heart problems should not take eggs more than 2 times in a week.

  • Exercise

Aerobics is very effective exercises for the heart because they make vessels broad. One advantage of aerobics is, these decreases the blood pressure. Another, they help in making good cholesterol. Walking or cycling are not costly, so try to do those exercises in which the muscles of your feet and thigh joints gets active.

According to American Heart Association weight lifting exercises are useful to the health of a heart because strong muscles not only controls the beating of a heart but also decrease the blood pressure. Everyone at least should never stop walking. It is a very good exercise.

  • Stay Relaxed

There are a few exercises which helps in relaxing the body. For examples, yoga helps is lowing the depression and other mental problems. It also decreases the stress hormones.

  • Diabetes should be controlled

After the age of 30, different diseases attack on a person. If a person suffers from diabetes type-2, then he has more chances of a heart attack as compared to other people. So, it is better to take nutritious foods which help in protecting from strokes.


  • Don’t ignore depression

According to a research, depression patients have 1.7% more chance to get strokes. The treatment of depression is important for the health of a heart.

  • Fish and Fish Oil

Fish and Fish liver oil are also very effective for the health of a heart.

  • Garlic

Garlic is also very useful for heart. These are now available in the form of capsules. You should use it more than 400 mg per day.