Why Is Domestic Violence Considered Underrated?

As I alluded to earlier many times people accuse each other of domestic violence because they’re trying they have some sort of motivation they have something to gain it is to gain grounds in a divorce child custody battle or for whatever other reasons simply to get back at someone other defenses to domestic violence include self defense you were the person that was attacked.

First you were defending yourself of the defense of others if you see someone being attacked by another person you are legally domestic violence attorney Tucson to help the person defend themselves let me say that more clearly if you see counterattacking your sister and you step in and you defend your sister who would have a claim for self defense you step in and you defend her against your brother and then you are later arrested for domestic violence against your brother you would be able to assert the defense of defense of others and if jury.

Believed that you were defending your sister then they must find you not guilty all their common defenses are accident mistake or simply that it wasn’t you at all every case indifferent some cases will have many defenses some cases will have a few some cases will have strong defenses some cases will have weak defenses one of the most common questions.

I get is how should I plea should I plead guilty to domestic violence the answers absolutely not until your lawyer and you have sat down and thoroughly discussed the case and your lawyers advised you that it’s in your best interest to plead guilty you should not I always advise my clients to first plead not guilty let us take a look at the case let us find out if there are any defenses available to us that maybe you haven’t thought of in many of the cases that I’ve taken on where my client probably.

Is guilty we are able to resolve it where my clients case dismissive they do a term of probation if you simply just go in and plead guilty you won’t get that it’s also possible that even if you think you’re guilty one of these defenses may apply to you I’ve had-many cases where we’ve gone to trial presented a defense and my client was found not guilty I’m criminal.

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