How Tucson Ac Repair Can Increase Your Profit!

That’s the case and if it’s bad enough your AC compressor clutch may not even engage because the pressure on the low side is going to be so low over the local side pressure switch is not going to close on a locker to flow to your AC compressor clutch but basically it means that you’ve got to have a clog in your high pressure Tucson ac repair side and the main culprit I’ve set up like this is going to be your orifice tube okay so another scenario would be when you have lower than I expected pressure.

on the high side and then higher than expected pressure on the low side now this is going to be more common with setups that have an expansion valve instead of an orifice tube but basically would mean that the expansion valve is stuck in the open position and this compressed refrigerant this side can easily get into the low pressure side raising the pressure on that side and lowering the pressure.

on the high pressure side it also could mean that you could potentially have a check valve inside your AC compressor on the low side that stuck closed and doesn’t let the refrigerator to get inside the compressor easily but generally speaking you get these numbers when you have an expansion valve and it’s stuck open all right so there’s that but as far as what’s wrong with this car but since the low refrigerant well the part I got to leave it the problem is this guy right here see this is completely.

shot and it’s not working and I believe it this is actually broken in the all the way in the hot position because with the engine running and the AC off and even though that this knob I’m going to put it here on the cool side the air coming out of these air vents is super hot so that’s why I don’t feel a cool air coming out of this even though that there is system is kind of working it’s a little or refrigerate ability should still coolie air coming out of these air vents so in other words for the last three years in the Southern California heat their system works fine it’s just that novice I’m not working right hold.

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