Things Nobody Told You About Tucson Air Conditioning

As you see I’ve got it taken apart I was here yesterday and I replaced the circuit board what a pain it is in order to replace this board Tucson ac repair you got to take all the wires off of course but then this little panel right here this little sheet metal piece the two screws right there that’s a under this cover right here you got to take those two screws out lift this whole thing up and this screw right here there’s three screws under here you got to take those three screws out and the circuit board actually slides off of the sheet metal part so I was here yesterday I did that gotten started up check the refrigerant.

it was running a minus five pounds of pressure so she said the homeowner told me that they already had somebody put some refrigerant in it and so I you know naturally assumed that it had a leak mm-hmm so I came back today and started it upstairs of course at the air handler I come out could not find anything up there check the line set I will show you here in a couple minutes what that looks like up there could not find a line set or could not find a leak in the line set or the air handler so.

I came back out here took the unit apart as you see and check the call checked all my lines there and you know when I first got here I was sitting on pounds of standing pressure on the gates so I knew we were low of course I checked all the obvious places the the caps down there and the flare nuts and I couldn’t find it licking anywhere so let’s go in the garage and I’ll show you what we did before we go up in the cries let me show you the window up in right there well the air handler kind of said center of the window and what they did is they came across the window came down the wall like that into the garage it came across in the wall and it came out the wall so let’s go in there and check it out as you see they put.

on the wall alright so here I am I can’t get any further back there’s a big silver Ford truck behind me so as you see we took the one sheet off the wall because what I figured I didn’t know what they did or how they got the lines that down but after I got this down this piece of LSB after I got it down off the wall I took my H tin they’re stuck right inside of here and it started going off so of course the refrigerant didn’t have nowhere to go and once I once I figured out that the unit was low I pumped it up with like got my nitrogen out and pumped it up to like three hundred and something pounds of pressure so you know because I wasn’t picking anything up whatsoever so anyway so comes across right there it is now what the guys have done I’m assuming is they went to Home Depot because this was not an install by professional it was actually installed by a contractor an electrician and the homeowner was like come on guys you know you can do it so there you go this one here is leaking.

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