Why It Is Not The Best Time For New Ac Unit Tucson

Get one sometimes I like the long stuff Tucson air conditioning for leverage but sometimes short stuff works better once you’ve got that loose then there is the millimeter adjuster that should be enough now remove that millimeter nut off of the front of the pensioner and be careful because there’s a washer actually there’s a cope of washers on the front of it they could fall off when you do this all right the first thing I got was just the nut the outer sorry I don’t.

Really want to call us a washer I might even just be a dust cover beyond that it’s a big thick washer so now that you’ve gotten those out you can just reach down lift the belts up a little bit and you can just pull the pensioner or the idler right on up off of here now I didn’t get everything there’s still one more piece a little spacer that goes up through the middle.

Of it I’ll show you how this whole thing is put together on the bench which is where we’ll hit next okay over here on the bench we can get a better view of how this whole thing is put together this spacer goes on the backside and this is what actually goes on to the assembly on the engine then there is the this washer that goes in between here and then this outer dust cover goes in here the stud comes up through here and that’s where the nut gets tightened.

I had mentioned that many times if you have this noise particularly when the AC is engaged that many times it is this pulley assembly but guess what I’m not hearing anything get it close for you to hear I mean if if this was the cause of the noise I think it would be a lot more pronounced when you spin it because it usually is in fact I have a bad one over here that I’ll share with you alright well this one’s not as bad as I thought in fact this one is still pretty good but sometimes you can just when you when you turn it you can feel it’s got a little bit of roughness inside the bearing and you can also hear them sometimes.

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