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Mind Numbing Facts About Reverse Vasectomy

today this is another webinar series in UCLA Health’s medical webinar series i am dr. jessie nelson Mills a associate professor a clinical professor of Urology and the director of the UCLA health men’s clinic today my subject I’m very very excited about this is something that brings me great joy and gratification as a physician and that’s because we’re going.

To be talking today about second chances and what I mean by that is we’re going to be talking about vasectomy reversals and what I can do as a physician to help couples achieve pregnancy after the man is had a vasectomy so before I begin in earnest remember to hashtag any questions through twitter at hashtag UCLA md chat and for that at the end of the episode here we will have some time for question and answers from the audience so before I get into vasectomy reversals we have to figure out how we got there in the first place and so we’re going to talk a little bit about vasectomy and a little.

background on that is it a vasectomy is the easiest probably most cost-effective way for couples to achieve permanent sterility or permanent inability to achieve pregnancy after after a vasectomy and so because it’s so common we have a lot of literature about this and we have a lot of facts that I want to go over essentially this is a very very common procedure it’s also probably unless it is definitely less invasive but also more cost effective than female sterilization as well as if a man is able to get a vasectomy and he’s with the same partner then the females don’t have to go on oral contraceptives and we don’t have.