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Ten Quick Tips Regarding Tucson Ac Repair

You only have to swap out the bearing not the hopefully assembly look around for one of those bearings rather than trying to replace that entire pulley anyway I am eric the car guy and you know what if you got automotive questions and i know some of you do head on over to air at the car guy comm I’ve done what I can to make it easy for you put a bunch.

of categories up there pertaining to the most commonly asked questions that I get written articles on them compiled them with videos that I’ve made on those topics stuck the whole thing together in a nice neat little searchable package that makes it easier for you to find answers to your automotive questions that would be the first place.

I would go if you don’t find tucson air conditioning your answer there feel free sign for a forum it is absolutely free all you need is an email address just be sure to respond to the confirmation email that should end up in your inbox you don’t find it there look in your spam folder book folder what-have-you you can also connect with me socially on Google+ Facebook and Twitter and I close each of my videos with be safe have fun and of course stay dirty hey.

Why It Is Not The Best Time For New Ac Unit Tucson

Get one sometimes I like the long stuff Tucson air conditioning for leverage but sometimes short stuff works better once you’ve got that loose then there is the millimeter adjuster that should be enough now remove that millimeter nut off of the front of the pensioner and be careful because there’s a washer actually there’s a cope of washers on the front of it they could fall off when you do this all right the first thing I got was just the nut the outer sorry I don’t.

Really want to call us a washer I might even just be a dust cover beyond that it’s a big thick washer so now that you’ve gotten those out you can just reach down lift the belts up a little bit and you can just pull the pensioner or the idler right on up off of here now I didn’t get everything there’s still one more piece a little spacer that goes up through the middle.

Of it I’ll show you how this whole thing is put together on the bench which is where we’ll hit next okay over here on the bench we can get a better view of how this whole thing is put together this spacer goes on the backside and this is what actually goes on to the assembly on the engine then there is the this washer that goes in between here and then this outer dust cover goes in here the stud comes up through here and that’s where the nut gets tightened.

I had mentioned that many times if you have this noise particularly when the AC is engaged that many times it is this pulley assembly but guess what I’m not hearing anything get it close for you to hear I mean if if this was the cause of the noise I think it would be a lot more pronounced when you spin it because it usually is in fact I have a bad one over here that I’ll share with you alright well this one’s not as bad as I thought in fact this one is still pretty good but sometimes you can just when you when you turn it you can feel it’s got a little bit of roughness inside the bearing and you can also hear them sometimes.

Things Nobody Told You About Tucson Air Conditioning

As you see I’ve got it taken apart I was here yesterday and I replaced the circuit board what a pain it is in order to replace this board Tucson ac repair you got to take all the wires off of course but then this little panel right here this little sheet metal piece the two screws right there that’s a under this cover right here you got to take those two screws out lift this whole thing up and this screw right here there’s three screws under here you got to take those three screws out and the circuit board actually slides off of the sheet metal part so I was here yesterday I did that gotten started up check the refrigerant.

it was running a minus five pounds of pressure so she said the homeowner told me that they already had somebody put some refrigerant in it and so I you know naturally assumed that it had a leak mm-hmm so I came back today and started it upstairs of course at the air handler I come out could not find anything up there check the line set I will show you here in a couple minutes what that looks like up there could not find a line set or could not find a leak in the line set or the air handler so.

I came back out here took the unit apart as you see and check the call checked all my lines there and you know when I first got here I was sitting on pounds of standing pressure on the gates so I knew we were low of course I checked all the obvious places the the caps down there and the flare nuts and I couldn’t find it licking anywhere so let’s go in the garage and I’ll show you what we did before we go up in the cries let me show you the window up in right there well the air handler kind of said center of the window and what they did is they came across the window came down the wall like that into the garage it came across in the wall and it came out the wall so let’s go in there and check it out as you see they put.

on the wall alright so here I am I can’t get any further back there’s a big silver Ford truck behind me so as you see we took the one sheet off the wall because what I figured I didn’t know what they did or how they got the lines that down but after I got this down this piece of LSB after I got it down off the wall I took my H tin they’re stuck right inside of here and it started going off so of course the refrigerant didn’t have nowhere to go and once I once I figured out that the unit was low I pumped it up with like got my nitrogen out and pumped it up to like three hundred and something pounds of pressure so you know because I wasn’t picking anything up whatsoever so anyway so comes across right there it is now what the guys have done I’m assuming is they went to Home Depot because this was not an install by professional it was actually installed by a contractor an electrician and the homeowner was like come on guys you know you can do it so there you go this one here is leaking.

How Tucson Ac Repair Can Increase Your Profit!

That’s the case and if it’s bad enough your AC compressor clutch may not even engage because the pressure on the low side is going to be so low over the local side pressure switch is not going to close on a locker to flow to your AC compressor clutch but basically it means that you’ve got to have a clog in your high pressure Tucson ac repair side and the main culprit I’ve set up like this is going to be your orifice tube okay so another scenario would be when you have lower than I expected pressure.

on the high side and then higher than expected pressure on the low side now this is going to be more common with setups that have an expansion valve instead of an orifice tube but basically would mean that the expansion valve is stuck in the open position and this compressed refrigerant this side can easily get into the low pressure side raising the pressure on that side and lowering the pressure.

on the high pressure side it also could mean that you could potentially have a check valve inside your AC compressor on the low side that stuck closed and doesn’t let the refrigerator to get inside the compressor easily but generally speaking you get these numbers when you have an expansion valve and it’s stuck open all right so there’s that but as far as what’s wrong with this car but since the low refrigerant well the part I got to leave it the problem is this guy right here see this is completely.

shot and it’s not working and I believe it this is actually broken in the all the way in the hot position because with the engine running and the AC off and even though that this knob I’m going to put it here on the cool side the air coming out of these air vents is super hot so that’s why I don’t feel a cool air coming out of this even though that there is system is kind of working it’s a little or refrigerate ability should still coolie air coming out of these air vents so in other words for the last three years in the Southern California heat their system works fine it’s just that novice I’m not working right hold.